diet of worms (harlequin__girl) wrote,
diet of worms

i forgive you.


for all the anguish,
and degradation,
for every time i needed truth
and you were faithless

i need my cross like a blanket
and misery is comfort .
i can hardly stand to blame myself for filling prophecy on you
and in the end i designed it
...i guess i felt i deserved it

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i should kiss your dirty lips for bringing me my clarity

and now the truth has made me see
how your lies have buried me
but i forgive you
lord, i must forgive you

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for all the torment
loss of independence
for disrespect and carelessness with my emotions.
for all the screams i swallowed a soul is hollow
for giving into temptation
for making me feel like a cheap replacement

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getting stronger, letting go
getting stronger, i'm moving on
getting stronger, i'm letting go
getting stronger, i'm getting stronger

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I feel so high
I feel so high

my mom is finally leaving my step father.
about time.
she deserves better.
we all deserve better.

i was too lazy to think of words to go with my pictures,
so it's pretty crappy this time around.
(my photography/matching words)
i'll do a better one tomorrow if i have time.

i don't even know what i'm talking about,
i'm so doped up off of some nerve blocking pills.

goodnight, or morning. pffft.
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your so artsy. i love it. :)
i'm happy to hear that your mom is standing up for herself & getting away from taht relationship. from what i have read it seems pretty emotionally abusive.

your photography is amazing,
as are you ♥.
that's really good shes leaving him. I wish my mom would do the same.
I'm so happy that she's leaving him love.
Your photography is pretty amazing ♥
take care <33.
Good for your mom and good for you. Big hugs, love and support
i'm very glad to hear she's leaving him--nobody deserves to be mistreated. as always, you and your photos are gorgeous.
i'm happy for you & your mom.
and your entry was lovely, as always.
That's fantastic news - 'bout time! And don't bash your artistry - I'm lovin' it!