diet of worms (harlequin__girl) wrote,
diet of worms

i had to use my shitty camera

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diamond rope, silver chain;
pretty noose is a pretty pain

& i don't like what you got me hanging from

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i am very sorry if i worried anyone (again)
thank you all for caring some much.
yesterday was a very bad day for me,
by far one of the lowest.

i'm just stressed out.

mike is threatening to leave me again if i don't get help.
it's scary, and i don't know what i'd do without him,
he is the only one who looks out for me.

anyway, i haven't had anything but water since 2pm yesterday,
another 22.5 hours and my cleanse is over.

p.s i love how when i'm dehydrated my chestbones show just a little more♥
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